Alakananda River

Now Alakananda, like many other Navadvipa rivers, is filled only in the rainy season. At other times, it is a chain of small lakes located in its old channel.

The story of the parrot that happened here is described in the Prema Vivarta of Jagadananda Pandita.

The story with the parrot

Once, Lord Caitanya and Jagadananda Pandita walked in this place. On the other side of the river, they saw a parrot sitting on a branch of a bakula tree.

Lord Caitanya said:

\ - You are Suka [this word means “parrot”, and also indicates Sukadeva Gosvami], and therefore you should sing about the glories of Radha and Krishna.

\ - Gaura! Gaura! The parrot sang.

Lord Caitanya covered his ears:

- Not! You must sing the names of Radha and Krishna!

But the parrot danced and sang:

\ - Gaura! Gaura!

Lord Caitanya exclaimed:

\ - Do not you understand that this place is not different from Vrindavan ?! Here you should only glorify Radha and Krishna!

\ "Yes, this place is not different from Vrindavan," the parrot replied. “And I see how Radha and Krishna come together here in the form of Gauranga.” If you want, you can chant the names of Radha and Krishna, and I will chant the name of Their united incarnation: Gaura! Gaura!

Lord Caitanya left this place - He was in the mood of a devotee and did not want to hear the worship of Him. But this parrot knew who Gauranga really was.

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