This place was discovered by Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati. Arch-tila (arch means "sun") - a high hill on the banks of the Ganges. It is believed that it is indistinguishable from Vrindavan Surya-kunda, a place north of Radha-kunda, where Srimati Radharani worshiped the sun god.


Surya-kunda is a place north of Radha-kunda where Srimati Radharani worshiped the sun god.

Jatila, the mother-in-law of Radharani, always came up with ways to attract the attention of her daughter-in-law to her husband, Abhimanyu. She often demanded that Radharani conduct all kinds of pujas, which were designed to bring prosperity and prosperity to the house of Abhimanyu. Purnamashi once told Jatila that the best puja is worship of the sun god.

When Radharani and Jatila were preparing for the puja, a “guru” in saffron robes appeared outside their house, accompanied by a fat student. Jatila asked them to become priests during the Surya Puja. They replied that they did not do puja to order, but now (quite by accident) they themselves are going to worship the sun god. They asked Jatila to bring all the attributes for worship to Surya-kunda, and she ordered Radharani to go with her. Srimati Radharani did not want to go, but there was nowhere to go. When the company reached the banks of Surya-kunda, the brahmanas began to chant the beautiful mantras that were actually meant for worshiping Krsna. Jatila never heard such mantras, but Madhumangal (and he was, of course, a fat “disciple”) explained to her that these mantras were taken from very rare scriptures.

When Madhumangal asked for a fee for the ceremony, Jatila asked Radharani to give him her gold bracelet. But the "guru" (and this, of course, was Krishna) refused, saying that he did not take gold from women. Jatila insisted - because every sacrifice should end with a donation to the brahmana who performed it. Madhumangal asked for ladda, and Jatila was so pleased with the modest requests of these wonderful brahmanas that she decided to send Radharani to conduct Surya-puja with them every day.

Due to this, Surya-kunda is a place where Krishna and Radharani can meet without fear of ill-wishers.

Bhagavata dasa Babaji

On Surya-kund, he performed his bhajan Bhagavata das Babaji, diksa guru Gaurakishora das Babaji. Once, during the bath, he found a stone in the pond, which in fact turned out to be a salagram. He laid the ornament of Srimati Radharani on it, and it was imprinted on a stone. This awl is still stored there.


This forest is located one kilometer from Arka Tila. He is not different from Kamyavan in Vrindavan, and here, like there, all wishes are fulfilled.

Translated from dhama.dayalnitay.ru

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