Karuna Kitchen


This cafe is located near Srila Prabhupada Samadhi. A small room, but with air conditioning, which is important. Bengalis are holding a cafe, father with son. It has been working for many years. It can rightfully be called a cafe of "author's cuisine".

It certainly cooks a lot of traditional Indian dishes, such as rice, and various subjis. But, there are also many dishes that the chef invented and embodied himself. A young and ambitious Bengali, he often comes to Australia from where he brings various gastronomic novelties.

Various wrap (these are vegetables wrapped in a tortilla), hamburgers, jack-fruit lasagna, pasta, salads, interesting desserts and ice creams, of our own production. At the same time, the price of dishes does not exceed 100 rupees. A lot of different cocktails and drinks. For the price of 90 rupees.

A feature of the cafe is also serving. Everything is served beautifully, aesthetically and modernly. In the days of Ekadashi there is generally a whole buffet table. Separate and very diverse menu.

The owners of the cafe lead their Instagram account to the old man @vmkarunakitchen, where you can find out about updates or daily promotions.

Translated from mayapuronline.ru

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