Madana Gopal Temple


Not far from here is the birthplace of Sachimata. Somewhere in the area of ​​the current temple five hundred years ago stood the house of her father, the famous astrologer Nilambara Chakravarti. Lord Caitanya came here.

Here is what Srila Prabhupada writes about Nilambara Chakravarti: “In” Gaura-ganoddesa dipika ”(104) it is mentioned that in the last incarnation of Nilambara Chakravarti was Garga Muni. Currently, some descendants of Nilambara Chakravarti live in the village of Magdoba, which is located in the Faridpura region in Bangladesh ... Nilambara Chakravarti lived in Navadvipa, in the village of Belpukuria - this is reported in the book “Prema Vilasa”. Since he lived near Kazi's house, he is also considered one of the maternal uncles of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu. Qazi called Nilambara Chakravarti an uncle ... It is authentically established that Kazi's house was in a village called Vamanapukur, because there is his tomb. Thus, Belapukuria is the old name of the village of Vamanapukur, and archaeological evidence confirms this. ”

Jananivasa Prabhu: There is the Deity of Madan-Gopala in Belpukur. He was worshiped by Nilambara Chakravarti and his daughter, Saci. When Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati began to conduct parikrama in Navadvipa, the local smarta-brahmanas immediately disliked him. There was also a large community of smart brahmanas in Belpukur, and when the parikrama came there, they said to the devotees: “There is nothing interesting here. You can move on. ” But Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati said, "No, this is a holy place."

There are three testimonies in Belpukur confirming the holiness of this place. The first is the Bilva Pushkarini, the holy place where the Kumaras instructed Nimbarka. The second is the temple of Shiva, Pancha-vaktra-Shiva-sthan. The remains of this temple can still be seen under a large banyan tree. Third is the Deity worshiped by Sachimata. It stood right on the roof of the house of some devotees.

Shachimata’s house was a quarter mile from Bilva Pushkarini. But he was captured by smarts. When the local Vaisnavas tried to bring him back, the smarts did not allow them to do this. The Vaishnavas said: “Since Madana-Gopal is standing here, this house is His property. He is the master here. ” And the smarts thought: “If Madana-Gopal is the master, we must get rid of Him.” And they threw the Divine beyond the boundaries of the site they occupied. The Vaisnavas picked Him up and for some time kept Him on the roof of one of the houses in the village. Most likely, there was no public worship of Him at this time. The devotees were very afraid of the shakt. Then the worship resumed. One way or another, now there is a very good temple there.

ISKCON devotees also serve in the temple, who restored this temple and helps a lot in maintaining and worshiping the Deity.

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