Madhu Bakery


Madhu Bakery Cafe is located near Srila Prabhupada Samadhi among the gallery of shops there is such a homely and cozy corner.

Despite the fact that the Bengalis are cooking in the cafe (by the way, they have been the same for a long time), the cafe is kept by a Russian couple from St. Petersburg. That is why the cafe is incredibly cozy and so dear.

They mainly cook Russian dishes, such as dumplings, a Russian salad with boiled potatoes and homemade mayonnaise, a salad under a fur coat, pancakes.

The price of these dishes is within 100 rupees. The portions are large. Even sweets are Russian: everyone has known from childhood a nut with boiled condensed milk, or a honey cake, or even Napoleon, which in this cafe is called Prabhupada.

Of course there is pizza and pasta, several dishes with smoked paneer, which was so fond of Russian devotees, various unusual desserts.

Here you can buy fresh homemade bread, in the presence of several types of loaves and different buns (price from 20 rupees)

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