Navadvipa, like the rest of the Dhamas, is guarded by Lord Siva. Like Mathura, which is surrounded on four sides by the temples of Siva (Gokaneshvara, Pippaleshvara, Rangeshvara and Bhuteshvara temples), like Puri and Vraja Mandala, the holy land of Navadvipa is also protected by the Deities of Lord Siva.

One of these temples is Panchanantala. It is located in the easternmost corner of Navadvipa Dhama, where the "entrance" to the holy land is located. The altar of Lord Siva is under a large banyan tree (there is no deity on it). The existing temple is built relatively recently.

Pancha means five, anan means head, tala means tree. Panchamukhi or Panchanan - this is the name of Lord Siva in the form of five heads.

Pilgrims pray to him to remove all obstacles during parikrama, and to see the dhama. Therefore, parikrama comes here first.

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