Prabhupada Ghat


Temple schedule | Perform yajna

Prabhupada ghat (steps leading to the river) can be called the main ISKCON access to Ganga and it is here by order of H. H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaja in 2017, a temple was opened and the Deity of the Ganga Mata was established.

You can come here to take a bath in the sacred river, visit the temple or chant japa.

Temple schedule

  • 4:30 Mangala-arati
  • 12:00 Raj-bhoga arati
  • 13:00 - 16:00 temple closed
  • 17:30 Ganga-puja
  • 18:00 temple closed

Ganga Puja is performed on the river bank. The pujari offers fire to the Ganges and performs puja to the sound of gongs. At the end, anyone can offer the river a lamp and a flower, as well as get mahaprasad.

You can also perform yajnas in the Ganga Mata Temple.


  • Vivaha Samskara (wedding)
  • Garbhodhana Samskara (for conception of a blessed child)
  • Pomsavan Rite (for conceiving a boy)
  • Rite of Simantonnian
  • Soshyanti-homa samskara
  • Nama Karana
  • Paushtika-karma of Samskara
  • Anna-prasana samskara
  • Miracle Karana of Samskara
  • Upanayanam
  • Grisha right-handed (moving to a new house)
  • Vastu Homa

And other Vaisnava samskaras.

For more information, contact the Ganga Puja Seva office, number 49 in the rooms behind Bhajan kutir.

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