Prithu Kunda(Ballal-dighi)


Prithu-kunda, a pond later renamed by King Lakshmana Sena in honor of his father Ballal Sena, disappeared from the face of the earth over time. Now there are rice fields at this place. Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur in Sri Navadvipa-dhama-mahatmya tells the story of this place:

“O learned man, listen to the glory of this beautiful pond. Now this place is known as Ballal Dighi, but in Satya Yuga it was called differently. In those days, Maharaja Prthu leveled the surface of the earth with arrows, cutting off hills and mountains from it. But when his servants came here, they saw how an amazing radiance began to come from the earth. The servants said this to Maharaja Prthu, and he came to see this miracle. As a saktyavesha avatar of the Lord, he realized that Navadvipa was here. He did not begin to tell others about the glory of this place, but simply ordered to dig a kunda there, a pond. This pond began to be called Prithu-kunda. When the villagers drank water from it, they felt indescribable bliss.

Later, King Lakshmana Sena dug up this pond, expanded it and made it deeper. Wishing good to his ancestors, he named it Ballall Dighi - in honor of his father, Ballal Sena. "

It is believed that it was on the banks of this pond that the great saint and poet Jayadeva Goswami wrote his famous hymn, “Dashavatara-stotra,” dedicated to the incarnations of the Lord.

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