Radha Madhava's Mahaprasad


Here you can relish Mahaprasad from Sri Sri Radha Madhava in every flavour: salty dishes, sweet desserts, snacks. From 12 a.m. to 2 p.m. here you can take a “set lunch” which Bengalis call THALI (tuh-lee).

Sweets and snacks in Mahaprasadam shop are packed so that you can take them with you while traveling.

And now the menu! The cafe mainly offers Bengali cuisine:

  • Samosas (pies with vegetables) - 10 rupees/piece
  • Pakora (vegetables in batter) - 10 rupees
  • Idli (rice cakes) - 15 rupees
  • Kachori (indian flatbread) - 10 rupees
  • Alu parathi and panir parathi (tortillas with potatoes or cheese) - 50 rupees
  • And, of course, dosa(a delicious huge pancake, which can optionally come with a filling of choice) - from 50 rupees

All savoury snacks are served with coconut chutney and spicy sambar sauce (with vegetables and spices). For a drink, you can take masala tea (a spicy herbal drink for 10 rupees).

There are also European dishes in the stalls. For example:

  • Calzone (a large pie with vegetables for 50 rupees), though in the version of the Mahaprasadam stall it is deep-fried.
  • Pizza (60 rupees). It is especially surprising that it is cooked in Ekadashi. Instead of wheat flour, potato dough is used on this day of fasting.
  • Pasta is also very tasty (50 rupees). Typically with olives and in tomato sauce.
  • Everyone’s favourite hamburger (40 rupees) can also be found in the shop. This is a fresh wheat bun with a large piece of spiced paneer and fresh vegetables- Children’s favourite!

All “salty dishes” are moderately spicy. The price is around 100 rupees per dish. As for sweets, the choice is also great. There are classic Bengal milk sweets (their price is up to 15 rupees apiece), such as:

  • rasmalai
  • burfi
  • laddu
  • gulabjamun

But there are also European sweets: cakes, pastries, cheesecake and even cream rolls.

Thali: this is all Bengali cuisine on one huge plate. Rice is in the center, and around there are a lot of cups with different types of sabji (stewed vegetables) and chutney (sauces). Everything is hot, fresh. Moderately spicy, even suitable for children. The price of such a plate is 120 rupees.

Snacks are mostly salty and spicy. These are chips shaped like deep fried vermicelli with various spices and nuts. Also there is - muri (puffed rice). And there are also most delicious shortcake dough cookies that basically melt in your mouth and various other sweets fried in oil. Price from 40 to 70 rupees per pack. All dishes are prepared by Bengali devotees. Desserts are mainly the work of Russian mataji.

There is a Goshala Stall next to Mahalrasadam shop, with goods and products from local Mayapur cows.