Srivas Angan


This is a small temple where the house of Srivasa Thakura was once located. On his left altar there are Deities of Sri Sri Radha-Krishna and Lord Caitanya.

The central altar is dedicated to Maha-prakasha-lila, a lila in which Lord Caitanya revealed to the devotees His Divine nature (this happened at this very place). Lord Caitanya is sitting on a throne, Gadadhara Pandita is fanning him with a chamara, and Lord Nityananda holds an umbrella over His head.

Gaura Nitai leading kirtan are installed on the right altar. This altar is dedicated to the procession to the house of Kazi, which was headed by Lord Caitanya and Nityananda.

At Srivas Thakur’s house there is a place known as Khol-banga-danga, “the place where the drums were broken.” The altar here reminds devotees of how the Muslim Kazi soldiers tried to stop the sankirtan in Navadvipa, which served as the impetus for the beginning of the civil disobedience movement organized by Lord Caitanya.

Srivasa Thakur

Srivasa Thakur was a close friend of Sri Gadadhara Pandita and was highly respected by all Vaishnavas of Navadvipa. He was an incarnation of Narada Muni, and, like him, with great pleasure chanted the holy name.

Although Srivasa was married, Vaisnavas still worship him as brahmachari, because Narada Muni maintains eternal celibacy. He really often wore saffron clothes and shaved his head, although sometimes he grew his hair and wore white clothes. To this day, Srivasa is called “adi,” the perfect servant of the Lord.

Srivasa Thakur Family

Srivasa's wife, Malini, who came to the house of Sacimata and took care of little Gauranga with motherly love, was a nurse of Krishna in Vrindavan in her previous life, and her name was Ambika. Srivasa's niece, Narayani, was her sister. Parvata Muni, a great friend of Narada, became the brother of Srivasa named Sri Rama Pandita. When Lord Caitanya accepted sannyasa and left Navadvipa, Srivasa, feeling separation from the Lord, moved to another place.

The story of Gopal Chapal

One night, a brahmana called Gopal Chapal crawled into the house of Srivasa, concealing in his heart a great envy for devotees. He listened - there was a kirtan behind the door. With a malicious grin, Gopala laid a large sheet at the threshold and began to lay out on it objects that are used to worship the goddess Durga: red sandalwood paste, rice, turmeric, red flower and cinnabar. Nearby he put a jug of wine and, pleased with himself, disappeared. “I can imagine what people will now say about Srivas!” He gloated, and his heart sank with joy in anticipation of gossip and gossip. “Everyone considers him a holy Vaishnava, but now everyone will know that at night he worships Durga and drinks wine!”

It was morning. Kirtan in the house of Srivasa Thakura verse. Srivasa opened the door, went out onto the porch, breathing in the cool morning air, and ... almost stepped on a sheet of plantain, with objects of worship laid out on it.

Srivasa understood everything and called the neighbors - respectable citizens. Soon a crowd gathered at his house, and the saint turned to people with a smile:

- Well, look, honorable ones! Now you can tell everyone that Srivasa Thakur is not a Vaishnava, for he worships Durga every night, and then drinks wine and eats meat!

Everyone was amazed. From the crowd there were voices: “What kind of news is this? Who is slandering you, Srivasa? Who is this villain? ”

Srivas Thakur was known and respected by all, and no one allowed himself to doubt him. People realized that someone wants to denigrate his name. At first they decided to call the local janitor, who was always up to date, since he was often invited to clean the houses with water and cow manure, and he knew well who and whom to worship. But he could not say anything definite.

Three days passed, and at Gopala Chapala, for no reason, leprosy began, and his whole body was covered with bleeding ulcers in which white worms wound up. Gopala Chapala experienced unbearable pain, but even more he was tormented by mental anguish. All friends and relatives turned their backs on him, and a casual passerby, having noticed him on the street, strove away from him. The envious brahmana had to leave Navadvipa and settle under the tree on the banks of the Ganges.

One morning, Lord Caitanya was walking along the banks of the Ganges, intending to take a bath. Then Gopal Chapal saw Him. They say it is God Himself, he thought. “Suddenly, will it really help?” And with hope in his voice he called to the Lord:

- Oh, Mahaprabhu! Have mercy on me! Save me from leprosy! I know that You are God Himself! I am an unfortunate fallen soul. Be merciful to me!

When Lord Caitanya saw who was calling Him, His face was illuminated with anger:

- Wretch! You have earned these torments, and your body will rot millions of years! Short person! You spread the rumors that Srivasa Thakur worship the goddess Durga, and there were fools who listened to your nonsense! For this insult you will fall into hell and you will suffer there ten million lives! I didn’t come to earth not only to free the fallen, but also to punish the demons.

Many years have passed since then. The Lord has already taken Sannyasa, and once in His wanderings again visited Navadvipa. People from all around the crowd went to Him to receive His blessings. Among them was Gopala Chapala, who, having drunk the cup of suffering to the bottom, came to seek refuge at the lotus feet of the Lord. And then Mahaprabhu said to him:

“You insulted Srivas Thakur, so go to him and ask him for mercy.” If he forgives you, and henceforth you do not do anything like that, you will be freed from sins.

Gopala Chapala bowed before him with a prayer to Srivasa Thakur, and he generously forgave him, for there is no one more compassionate than a Vaisnava in the world. So Gopala Chapala was cleansed of envy and sin, his disease has passed, and he became a devoted servant of Lord Caitanya.

Maha-prakasha-lila and others Lord Caitanya's pastimes in the house of Srivas Thakur.

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