Suvarna Vihar


We are all fascinated by the material world and strive for wealth, pleasures, communication with the opposite sex and glory. In this place of the Lord one can ask that He deliver us from such base desires and grant us true wealth - love of God.

Discovery History

For a long time this place was unknown to people. After Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu left, the Ganges flooded these places, like many others related to the pastimes of the Lord.

At the beginning of the last century, there was an impenetrable jungle where tigers lived. It was dangerous to be here.

Once, Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur, making parikrama along Navadvipa with his students (they were going from Bhaktivinoda Thakur's house to Devapalli), passed near this place. He said to the disciples:

- I need this land. She must become ours! Find an owner.

One of his students went to Navadvipa, and after working for some time in the archive, he established who owned this site. The devotees met this man and asked them to sell them land. He was quite surprised:

- This is useless land! There is nothing but the jungle! Let me better sell you a good plot where you can grow vegetables and rice!

But Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati was adamant:

- I do not need your fields. We want this land.

When the formalities were settled, and Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati became the rightful owner, he immediately sent several brahmachari students to this place and ordered them to dig there. And under a layer of earth, the students found fragments of walls with excellent finishes, columns, plates, sculptures ... Here they saw a huge cobra with a precious stone on its head, which seemed to be guarding an abandoned palace.

The devotees immediately reported their findings to the spiritual master, who, unable to restrain himself, cried out:

- I was not mistaken! This place is Suvarna-vihar, where in one of the past south the great king of Suvarna received the darshan of Mahaprabhu. The same Suvarna then appeared as the Buddhimanta Khan to serve the Supreme Lord with his wealth.

History of Suvarna Sena

King Suvarna Sena lived in Satya Yuga. For many years he ruled the kingdom and did not know peace, even in old age. The king’s mind was burning in the fire of material desires; he constantly thought only about how to increase his wealth. Who knows which guiding star led Narada Muni to him? Having accepted the magnificent worship of the king, Narada took him to a secluded place and graciously told about the Absolute Truth.

- "O king," said Narada, "your days go by in vain, in thoughts of material wealth." Find out that all these riches do not make sense. Spiritual knowledge is the true treasure. What connects you with your wife, sons or friends? After your death, they will lower your body into the Ganges and return home. Why live false hopes and aspirations? Any attempt to quench the thirst for material enjoyment is like trying to get drunk with a drop of water.

Having revealed to the king the science of devotional service, Narada added:

- With Kali Yuga, good luck will come to Earth. Krsna will bring His associates here and deploy Gaura-lila. By chanting the name of Gaura, one will gain the mercy of Krsna and be able to live in Vrndavana.

Having said this, Narada lost power over himself and began to dance and sing the name of Gaura:

- Repeat the names of Gaurahari! - and vina echoed him. “O Gaurahari, when will this blessed Kali-yuga come?”

Suddenly Narada disappeared, and the king was left alone, but his heart was filled with bliss. Repeating the name of Gauranga without interruption, he danced and asked devotees for love of God, and in the end he freed himself from all material desires.

And when the king fell asleep, in a dream appeared to him Gauranga and Gadadhara, dancing with His associates. Surrounding Mahaprabhu, who was shining with gold, the devotees sang Hare Krsna, dancing and hugging each other.

The king woke up with a severe pain in his heart and began to cry in separation from Gauranga. Then he heard a voice: “O King, when I come down to Navadvipa, you will be one of My associates. Your name will become Buddhimanta Khan. You will personally serve Me. ” Hearing this, the king was comforted. He spent the rest of his life worshiping Gauranga.

Buddhimanta Khan

The promise of the Lord was fulfilled. The Caitanya-caritamrta says: “The Buddhimanta Khan, the thirty-sixth branch, was very dear to Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu. He was always ready to follow His instructions, so he was considered one of the main servants of the Lord. "

Sri Buddhimanta Khan lived in Navadvipa. He was very rich. It was he who arranged the wedding of Lord Caitanya with Vishnupriya, the daughter of Sanatana Misra, taking upon himself all the expenses associated with the wedding ceremony. He constantly accompanied the Lord during kirtans, and when the Lord played the role of the goddess of prosperity in the house of Chandrashekhara Acharya, he brought decorations for Him. He was one of those who came to Jagannatha Puri to see Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

Lord Nityananda and Jiva Goswami

Lord Nityananda brought Jiva Goswami here when he performed the first Navadvipa-mandala-parikrama for him. Srivas Thakur was with them. Hearing the story of Suvarn of the Seine, Srivas, who was the embodiment of Narada Muni, lost consciousness.

“Overwhelmed with great ecstasy, intoxicated by the nectar of the name of Gaura, Sri Jiva also fell to the ground.

- Oh Lord Gauranga! - called Jiva, - will I see your golden appearance?

And at that moment he saw Gauranga, who was singing and dancing in the circle of His devotees. The beauty of the dancing Gauranga eclipsed the sun. Nityananda Prabhu, along with Advaita and other devotees, sang His glories. The sounds of mrdang and karatal merged into the sweet sankirtana, as if the manifested pastimes of Lord Caitanya began again. Outwardly, this amazing kirtan lasted several hours, but, as in previous times, those who participated in it enjoyed the company of the Lord for the whole for Brahma. "

Lord Caitanya forever lives in Navadvipa, as Krsna lives forever in Vrndavana, This is called aprakata-lila, unmanifest pastimes. The Lord is still here, and if our desire is strong enough, we can see Him.

Suvarna-vihar Gaudiya Math

In the temple are the Deities of Radha-Govinda, established by Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati.

Although the ruins of the Suvarna Sena palace can still be seen in the mango garden surrounding the temple, it is not easy to find them ourselves - the remains of the walls were simply pulled apart. You can ask local devotees and they will show what is left.

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